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Use a Houston Technical Staffing Agency to Complete your Staff

Traditionally, most Houston companies would hire the staff that they needed to perform their services or manufacture their products, providing the necessary benefits and insurance and paying the required taxes. If a company had any open positions, they would advertise in local papers or other job boards and go through a lengthy interview process as they worked to build a strong, knowledgeable staff.

While this traditional hiring process resulted in some excellent applicant pools and hiring choices, many companies are now taking a different approach. Modern Houston businesses are increasingly turning to technical staffing firms, which are able to fill employment gaps in the following fields:

  • Structural Detailers
  • Electrical, Control Systems, Instrument, Structural and Civil Engineers
  • Instrument, Architectural, Mechanical, Civil/Structural, Electrical and Process Piping Designers
  • CAD Coordinators
  • AutoCAD Operators

The question many companies have is, how exactly can a Houston technical staffing agency help my business’ bottom line? The answers are simple:

  1. Technical staffing agencies take over applicant screening and selection. Reduce your human resources costs by allowing a staffing agency to screen applicants for you. By contracting out the hassles of interviewing and making applicant selection, your company can focus on the actual services and goods you offer customers—increasing your productivity.
  2. Technical staffing agencies handle payroll and taxes. You will never have to worry about the details of paychecks, taxes, and direct deposit paperwork for your contract employees. A responsible Houston technical staffing agency handles all of these details for you as a part of their contract.
  3. Technical staffing agencies are responsible for contract employees’ insurance and benefits. Perhaps the biggest relief many Houston companies experience by hiring staffing agencies is that they have a lessened responsibility when it comes to employee insurance and benefits. Your contract employees should look to the staffing agency to offer them when it comes to health insurance and other employment services.

Southwest Design Services, Inc.

Southwest Design Services, Inc. is well on its way to becoming the most Houston technical staffing agency. We understand the need many area businesses have to augment their permanent staff with well-trained, knowledgeable contract employees as a way to control labor costs. Call us today at 281-584-9596 and let us tell you how we can remove some of the worry and hassle your company may experience when building a great technical staff.

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